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What's a Good Deal?

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This is a question that comes up in nearly all of our client calls: “Is this a good deal?”  Our answer remains consistent: “It depends.”  Pricing and discounts are only one piece of every deal.  To fully answer the “good deal” question, we must understand three components;  1) Is the pricing competitive?, 2) Is the risk understood and acceptable?, and 3) What impact will this deal have on our internal and external relationships?  Only after fully exploring these three questions, should we be ready to sign.

Session Highlights:

  • Checklist of questions to ask and answer before signing any deal
  • Examples of when missing one of the components above can derail any deal
  • Discussion on the value of internal and external relationships


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Jack Garrahan

President & CEO

Jack launched ClearEdge in 2006 after more than two decades as an enterprise IT sales and marketing executive. He previously ran EMC's EMEA Organization spanning 28 countries, with 2,500 professionals and $2 billion in yearly revenue. He led EMC's Global Marketing organization including the product, pricing, branding, events, education and professional services teams. He served as GM of EMC's DMX and Celerra business units, and was the first recipient of EMC's Lifetime Achievement Award. He also held executive roles in start-up technology companies Wildfire, NetXchange, and Air Miles. He is a graduate of Boston College and Harvard Business School.