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Tres Larsen

Managing Director, SAM & Compliance Services

Jared Frehner

Senior Manager, SAM & Compliance Services

Julie Ellington

Senior Manager, SAM & Compliance Services

Moe De Luca

Principal Analyst, SAM & Compliance Services

Savannah Zeller

Senior Analyst

Richard Wright

Senior Manager, SAM & Compliance Services

Scott Sewing

Manager, SAM & Compliance Services

Rob Murphy

Manager, SAM & Compliance Services



Julie Ford

Phone:  603.312.4200


Virtual Event

Software Asset Management (SAM) Forum

Software Asset Management (SAM) continues to be a major challenge for most organizations, resulting in excess spend and expensive non-compliance.  Even when organizations invest in the people, process and technology to track and manage their entitlement and deployment data, SAM programs often fail to produce desired results.  

Nowhere is SAM more important than the negotiation process.  When there is a lack of visibility to license deployment and entitlement, negotiators are left guessing the best path forward, aiming for a better discount while ever increasing consumption.  Further, audits are often introduced to disrupt the negotiation process.  They are used to drive revenue, gain visibility into product use, and push organizations to adopt new products or cloud solutions to address compliance issues.

Clients can protect themselves from these practices by understanding their own SAM programs, licenses, deployment and entitlements, and learn how to fight back.  

June 9th, 2020 Now Your Desk!

Please join the SAM community and a group of former software auditors with experience auditing for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and other major publishers as we discuss current trends in Software Asset Management and how to get the most from your SAM tools and processes, give real client examples of unexpected and costly audit findings, and address any questions you have for the group.

Session Agenda

June 9th, 2020

11:00 - 11:45 am EDT

Tres Larsen

Software Asset Management: Trends & Observations

In this session, we explore current Software Asset Management trends and discuss observations from the marketplace and real world examples from client engagements.  The session will focus on changes in the landscape including the evolution of compliance in a subscription-based, cloud world, the continuing headaches caused by virtualization and the variety of available SAM Tools, which although useful (and in many cases necessary) are no silver bullet for avoiding audits.

11:45 - 12:30 pm

Tres Larsen and Team

Top Findings in an Audit

Software audits can be disruptive and expensive. Suppliers use audits to drive revenue, gain visibility into product use, and to push new product offerings or cloud solutions as a way to address compliance issues. This session will review common audit findings across all major publishers and give specific examples from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Quest, Micro Focus and more.

12:30 - 1:00 pm

Tres Larsen and Team

Open Q+A Roundtable 

Tres Larsen will moderate an open panel comprised of more than a half dozen former software auditors with experience auditing for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and other major publishers.  From SAM optimization to audit response, this session is a chance to ask the professionals who have seen the issues from both sides of the equation - formerly as auditors, and now as a resource to establish best practices to protect against audits.

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