Stress Testing Your SAM Program

Originally Aired: October 7, 2020 Now Your Desk!

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There is no silver bullet for perfecting Software Asset Management (SAM). Although useful, and sometimes necessary, a SAM Tool alone will not protect your organization from potentially costly and disruptive audits. Without the right team, processes and vigilant ongoing validation, your program will likely have blind spots. Join us to discuss how to stress test your tool, uncover the blind spots and put a plan in place to supplement the gaps in your program.


  • Coverage is King: Why it’s important to understand the breadth of your SAM tool deployment
  • Don’t boil the ocean: Identify top 10 spends and validate your tool can identify the associated licensing metrics
  • Gap analysis: At this point you can identify gaps as well as key data points the tool is able to collect
  • SAM is bigger than a tool: Implement people and processes to supplement the gaps
  • Practice makes perfect: Consider establishing a periodic self-audit to test your preparedness for the real deal


Rob Murphy

Principal Analyst, Audit

Rob joined ClearEdge in early 2016 and is lead analyst on all audit and SAM services projects, and senior analyst on Microsoft deals. Before ClearEdge, Rob was a senior consultant and auditor at KPMG, running Microsoft-related software license reviews. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and has expertise in designing, assessing, and optimizing Software Asset Management (SAM) programs. Rob attended Washington State University, where he double-majored in Management Information Systems and Operations Management.