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SAP Deal-Makers Toolkit

Originally Aired: February 10, 2021 Now Your Desk!

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SAP sales reps are on the hunt for revenue opportunities and compliance issues, in the wake of the company’s severe financial setbacks of 2020. This strategy is being executed with grossly inflated customer proposals, and by probing customers about usage and access, with hopes of finding reasons to conduct an audit. This session helped buyers gain a better understanding of SAP’s sales and audit behavior to avoid the long-term pain of overbuying.

Key Highlights:

  • SAP’s focus on sales -- to the exclusion of all else
  • Tapping into customer fear to force over-purchasing
  • Four deal maker tools to avoid landmines and ensure readiness with SAP


Brady Carlson

Analyst II

Brady joined ClearEdge in 2018 to analyze deals in the software sector, with a focus on Oracle and SAP. He also developed and periodically presents a short course on Finance to help members of the analytics team better understand the accounting/financial ramifications of the client deals we examine. Prior to ClearEdge, Brady served as intern supporting the analyst group at Meridian Capital, an investment bank in Seattle. While attending the University of Washington (Seattle), he worked in the Athletic Department all four years, assisting the football recruiting staff. He holds a B.A. in Finance.

Richard Wright

Senior Manager, Compliance Services

Richard is a former Senior Auditor at SAP, where he generated millions of dollars in audit collections. Most recently, Richard served as a License Compliance Manager at Accenture, where he helped establish and grow the SAP Compliance Practice, primarily supporting clients with SAP license optimization and spend reduction. He has a strong background in SAM tool configuration and operation, including work with Flexera, SNOW, and VOQUZ. Prior to his SAP experience, Richard negotiated contract terms and pricing as Procurement Manager at Blount Contracting. At ClearEdge, Richard focuses on helping clients with their SAP, VMware, and Software Asset Management needs.

Andrew Ozlowski

Managing Director

Andrew came to ClearEdge Partners after spending the previous 18 years in business development, sales and leadership roles within the enterprise software and IT consulting services industry. Andrew brings expertise in application software, business intelligence solutions and consulting services drawing from his experience at SAP, Kronos and Computer Associates, and vast experience on deal-making and long-term cost-control strategies from involvement in thousands of transactions on both the vendor and customer sides. Andrew has a B.S. in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University where he was also an intercollegiate athlete, letterman and youth mentor.