SAP Audit Webinar Series

June 30th, 2020 - August 11th, 2020 Now Your Desk!

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Part One: SAP Audit Types - June 30th, 2020

Understand SAP’s audit organization and the different audit types. Did you know that there are different groups within SAP’s audit organization? These groups within SAP’s audit organization have responsibilities ranging from audit nominations to the actual technical audit itself. Knowing these groups and their responsibilities will help prepare you for a better audit outcome. Also, knowing what type of audit you are being asked to perform will help with audit preparation.


Part Two: Audit Preparation - July 14th, 2020

Now that you have established the type of audit, we will be reviewing preparation tactics for both the Basic Audit and Enhanced Audit. We will review the most common mistakes and best practices for both types of audits, including what to look for in the audit scope.


Part Three: Before Submission - July 28th, 2020

We will be reviewing best practices before you submit any data to SAP. How do you check the data yourself before submitting it to SAP? We will be reviewing how to ensure that you are in control of the data you submit, including negotiation of what will be submitted. We will also be discussing the “or else“ statement and clarifying what happens if you don’t submit all the data.


Part Four: Closing out the Audit - August 11, 2020

This last segment will be reviewing how to stay in control of closing out the audit. We will review what to expect from SAP in closing out the audit and strategies to overcome SAP pressure, including what to do if there is an agreed finding as well as best times to close out the audit.



Jared Frehner

Richard Wright

Senior Manager, Compliance Services

Richard has a strong background in negotiation, licensing, and Software Asset Management. He is a former Senior Auditor from SAP, where he generated millions of dollars in audit collections across the US. Most recently, Richard served as a License Compliance Manager at Accenture, where Richard helped establish and grow the SAP Compliance Practice, primarily supporting clients with SAP license optimization and spend reduction.  He has a strong background in SAM tool configuration and operation, including working with Flexera, SNOW, and VOQUZ.  Prior to his SAP experience, Richard negotiated contract terms and pricing as a procurement manager.  Now at ClearEdge, Richard focuses on helping clients with their SAP, VMware, and Software Asset Management needs.