SAM Series: SAP Indirect Access

August 4, 2021 1 pm EST | 10 am PST Your Desk!

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Cloud services and automated digital solutions are fast changing the way we conduct business. To stay agile, companies increasingly rely upon third-party RPA technology, bots, artificial intelligence, and machine-driven processes to interact with each other. Although this digital interaction often delivers speed and operational efficiencies, it also leaves organizations vulnerable to compliance issues. New solutions require third-party application integration, but contract language has not kept pace and leaves much unclear about how to properly license indirect access. Compliance violations can quickly snowball in organizations that lack a well-defined process to monitor and limit indirect access of their solutions.

Indirect access (also known as multiplexing) occurs when a system is accessed or queried through a third-party application, interface, gateway, middleware, or automated process (i.e., bot/RPA). In situations like these, a single user account in a system could actually represent thousands of unseen users that require licenses. This type of event can cost millions of dollars in audit fees. The most aggressive publisher regarding indirect access is, hands down, SAP, which has developed a robust auditing practice to drive revenue from noncompliance findings surrounding this issue. In this presentation, we will detail everything you need to know about indirect access regarding SAP and how to better prepare for inevitable indirect use exposures in your organization.


Session Highlights Include:

  • Examples of Indirect Access which cause compliance issues
  • How to mitigate you risk of non-compliance
  • An overview of SAPs Digital Access Adoption Program


Atish Patel

Analyst II, SAM

Atish joined ClearEdge in 2018 and is focused on hardware (PCs, servers, mainframes), and network software. While at college, Atish taught himself how to create web applications, an experience that continues to inform his daily case work here at ClearEdge. He also worked as a Campus Ambassador in the college’s Undergraduate Admissions Department, where he developed his proficiency at public speaking. He is a graduate of Bentley University, where he majored in Economics and Finance, and minored in Computer Information Systems.

Richard Wright

Director, SAM Services

Richard is a former Senior Auditor at SAP, where he generated millions of dollars in audit collections. Most recently, Richard served as a License Compliance Manager at Accenture, where he helped establish and grow the SAP Compliance Practice, primarily supporting clients with SAP license optimization and spend reduction. He has a strong background in SAM tool configuration and operation, including work with Flexera, SNOW, and VOQUZ. Prior to his SAP experience, Richard negotiated contract terms and pricing as Procurement Manager at Blount Contracting. At ClearEdge, Richard focuses on helping clients with their SAP, VMware, and Software Asset Management needs.