Preparing for an Oracle Audit

Originally Aired: April 21, 2020 Now Your Desk!

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Getting an audit notification letter from Oracle can be exceedingly tense as they are amongst the most aggressive companies in the business when it comes to protecting the use of their intellectual property. Having a leg up on being properly prepared can alleviate much of the pain and pressure associated with the Oracle audit process. In this webinar, former Oracle Senior auditor Moe De Luca will describe what to expect during an audit and best practices on how to be prepared before Oracle comes knocking at your door for the process to be as smooth and efficient as possible.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Proper pre-preparation
  • VMware and other virtualization programs prospective issue resolution
  • Sound negotiation tactics with Oracle License Management Services (LMS) and Sales


Moe De Luca

Principal Analyst, Compliance

Moe De Luca brings more than a decade of software compliance expertise to ClearEdge. Prior to joining the company in 2020, he served for six years as a Senior Software License Consultant at Oracle, conducting licensing audits on Oracle customers for the Emerging Markets and National Compliance Team, and supporting the sales organization in resolving customer compliance issues to drive revenue. He worked previously as a Technical Compliance Manager at Genesys and License Compliance Analyst for BEA Systems. He holds a degree in Multimedia Design from Masters Institute, is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and also CompTIA A+ Certified.