Update: Microsoft Support Options

Originally Aired: July 29, 2021 Now Your Desk!

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Microsoft’s Premier Support has officially been phased out and a majority of Microsoft customers are on their last year of their grandfathered legacy support offerings. Now, in 2021, ClearEdge has observed many customers be forced onto Microsoft’s new support solution, Unified Support. This shift in support offerings has allowed Microsoft to reprice their customer base, inflict price increases, and force buyers to acquire more support than is needed. These tactics ultimately introduce cost exposure for organizations who are not prepared to combat Microsoft’s Unified Support strategy.

In this webinar, we will touch upon the major differences in Microsoft’s Unified Support offering as compared to the legacy Premier Support solution, the best practices in preparing for a switch to Unified Support, and any third-party support providers that can be used as viable alternatives to Microsoft.


Brian Piotrowski

Analyst II

Brian arrived at ClearEdge in 2020 to focus on Microsoft support trends, pricing, and issues. He previously served at the Boston Consulting Group where he helped support the post-merger integration of a Fortune 500 company and learned to aggregate and effectively communicate complex findings to clients. Brian ran an economics experiment for his capstone thesis as a senior at Bentley University, and developed skills that have informed his research into Microsoft support pricing. He majored in Economics and Finance, minored in Computer Information Systems and History, and graduated with highest honors. He enjoys playing classical guitar.