Managing Leverage in a Salesforce Deal

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Complex spending engagements cannot be executed with a benchmark and negotiate approach.  They require significant runway, a full understanding of demand, well-aligned stakeholders and a documented plan of action.  With this in mind, we’ve developed a series of webinars this fall focusing on 4 of the most complex spending engagements our clients are currently facing, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM and Oracle.  In each session, our analysts will apply the 9 best practices of our Leverage Management Maturity Model (LM3) to the specified supplier, and focus on the most important areas for maintaining leverage and executing a successful deal.

Highlights include:

  • What strategy and tactics will Salesforce use to shape and win the deal?
  • What motivates the Salesforce sales team?
  • How and when do I begin the deal-making process?
  • What information do I need to protect and what can I share?
  • How do I develop and maintain leverage in a renewal?
  • How do I protect myself for the next deal?


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Mark McKenna

Mark recently joined ClearEdge from, where he served as a global account executive. Prior to that, Mark was a VP and General Manager at Siemens, in charge of Professional Services and Managed Services. During a 20-year tenure at Atos & Siemens IT Solutions, Mark managed the SAP and application management teams for North America during Siemens IT Solutions acquisition by Atos in 2011. To ClearEdge, Mark brings expertise in international contracts, cloud technology, mergers and acquisition transitions, and strategic business planning and development. He has a proven track record of success working with Fortune 500 companies with responsibility for managing people and generating annual revenues of $125M. Mark earned his degree in electrical engineering technology at Morris College and studied international business at HEC in Paris.

Rachel Annello

Rachel joined ClearEdge in 2016 to focus on software suppliers, including Salesforce, IBM, Red Hat, Tableau and ServiceNow. She is a subject matter expert on CRM solutions, and provides insight into pricing practices and contracts in these complex software solution sales. Prior to ClearEdge, Rachel worked as a pension analyst at Mercer, where she performed pension benefit calculations, and analyzed and tested system configurations against client customized requirements. Rachel graduated from Bentley University with a B.S. in Mathematics, and minored in Psychology and Business Studies.