Hospitals: Optimize Your Microsoft Spend

February 24, 2021 10am PST | 1pm EST Your Desk!

Save Your Spot

Hospitals have faced not only a COVID-19 medical challenge. The pandemic has also caused far-reaching economic repercussions – forcing hard business decisions, deep cost-cutting and urgency to optimize spending across the entire IT portfolio that keeps the medical care running. 

In recent weeks, ClearEdge is seeing another emerging challenge across our health provider clients: unexpected cost increases on Microsoft renewals. 

Clients who are prepared to face off against Microsoft Sales are finding opportunities today to take out cost from their Microsoft portfolio and free up critical resources for patient care.

Highlights include:

  • Challenges unique to healthcare providers and real-world experience overcoming them
  • How to build a user profile and use it to drive out cost in your Microsoft Agreement
  • The emergence of Azure in healthcare and how to position a potential purchase
  • Are healthcare/education discounts best in class or can hospitals do better?
  • A case study to illustrate how one hospital group drove over $7M out of their Microsoft renewal


Steve Paradis

Principal Licensing Specialist

Steve recently joined ClearEdge Partners to support our team of analysts with all Microsoft licensing-related questions. He brings a long history of helping customers negotiate strategic Microsoft contracts and understand compliance requirements, as well as a wealth of knowledge of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. Prior to ClearEdge, Steve was a corporate account manager at Crayon of Dallas and Comparex, two Microsoft reseller and services organizations, responsible for sales of Microsoft Software Licensing, Services and Software Asset Management (SAM) services. His primary focus has been centered around enterprise licensing (Enterprise Agreements, Server Cloud Enrollments, and MSPA agreements), cloud migration strategy and SAM services. Steve hold a BS in Business Management and is an MCP certified Microsoft Licensing resource.

Jack Schneeweis

Analyst II

Jack originally came to ClearEdge in July of 2016 and works on the Microsoft Team developing licensing scenarios in support of our clients’ large enterprise software renewals. He also supports our rapidly expanding cloud practice, with a focus on Microsoft Azure. Prior to ClearEdge, Jack served in Supplier Operations at Wayfair on the Product Performance Team, where he consulted with vendors and other business partners on a daily basis. His job entailed analyzing product performance data to minimize defect rates across vendor delivery networks; screening and improving packaging standards for all new suppliers seeking partnerships with Wayfair; and tracking and adjusting items and quantities on overseas containers for Wayfair’s Direct Asia Import program. Jack graduated cum laude from Northeastern University with a BS in Economics and a minor in Business Administration.