Storage Suppliers Shift to Subscription Model

Originally Aired: September 23, 2021 Now Your Desk!

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Attracted by the high profit margins and recurring revenues achieved by software subscriptions, storage and hardware vendors are moving quickly to adopt these pricing models. As a result, storage and hardware customers are struggling with this shift and are experiencing reduced leverage with their suppliers. This presentation will cover the trends observed in ClearEdge’s client deal activity regarding the migration of hardware vendors to subscription offerings. ClearEdge will dissect how these pricing models differ from the traditional buying models in the hardware space, and the risks they present.

  • An overview of the storage and hardware sectors and how selling behavior has changed with new subscription-based offerings
  • The top three subscription tactics hardware suppliers use to push risk on their customers and maximize revenue
  • An outline of the best negotiation practices to combat common subscription pitfalls and protect your organization from deal risk


Ben Brody

Analyst II

Ben joined the Analytics Team in 2020, with a focus on the storage market segment. Before ClearEdge, he worked as an Account Executive at a value-added reseller, primarily selling Dell EMC hardware to small and medium-sized businesses. Ben’s experience provided insight into the sales process and how customers can effectively negotiate with storage vendors. Ben earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Science at Northeastern University.

Scott Braverman

Senior Analyst

Scott came to ClearEdge in 2018 and is focused on the storage market sector. He previously worked in the IT department at the Belknap White Group, where he was charged with researching and evaluating disaster recovery proposals from industry-leading consultancies including Sungard and Acronis. He also served in the Data Integrity group at Commonwealth Financial Network, on a team tasked with apportioning $1 million annually in corporate-improvement initiatives. Scott earned degrees in Economics, Finance and Computer Information Systems at Bentley University.