IT Deal Maker Academy Workshop

Complex Deal Leadership

June 13-17, 2022 12:30 - 2:00 PM ET Online Event


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The third of three sessions in our IT Deal Maker Academy Workshop focused on building a deal plan to align stakeholders and execute deals.


The cost per seat is $995.


About This Event

IT Deal Maker Academy Workshop Objective: The traditional IT negotiation approaches often fail to identify, create and utilize leverage in complex buying situations. The IT Deal Maker Academy Workshop consists of three unique courses that prepare IT professionals and IT buyers to compete with their most strategic suppliers. The program combines a mix of lecture, case studies, workshops, peer reviews, coaching and comprehension assessments in order to creative effective deal-leaders by…

  • Understanding supplier sales and pricing systems
  • Assessing contracts for risk and inspect deal specific financial models
  • Identifying and countering prevalent supplier sales strategies
  • Building internal and external messaging plans
  • Assessing leverage position and action plans for improvement
  • Aligning cross-functional stakeholders
  • Building and executing strategic deal plans

Complex Deal Leadership:

Designed for experienced deal makers, this session will focus on building a deal plan to align stakeholders and execute with a supplier. Participants will systematically build a deal plan of their choice including stakeholder priority assessment, leverage position, action plan, risk assessment and messaging plan.


The program will be delivered on Zoom in one week across five daily 90-min sessions. The course combines interactive discussions and self-guided work built on client case studies, actual contract examples, and real supplier proposals. Participants will return to their organizations with tools in hand to improve execution on their next deal.