Cisco Supplier Briefing

May 5, 2020 Now Your Desk!

Save Your Spot

To achieve a successful deal with Cisco, we need to first identify the common risks and pitfalls customers face during negotiations. This presentation highlights the latest Cisco sales behaviors and buying trends that consistently put customers at a disadvantage, along with the best practices on information control, creating viable alternatives, and accurate demand forecasts to help reduce costs.

Key Highlights:

  • How Cisco’s current financial performance will shape their short-term sales strategy
  • The 5 things that Cisco is doing to increase costs against their customer base
  • The effect viable competition has on Cisco when negotiating for net new purchases
  • The best practices for negotiating with Cisco and planning demand


Corinne Boyles

Senior Analyst

Corinne joined the company in August 2014, and focused on Cisco and networking equipment deals, then switched to specialize in Microsoft deals. As a senior analyst, Corinne helps clients navigate Microsoft’s complex licensing agreements and evolving product line. Before ClearEdge, Corinne played women’s hockey at Boston College as starting goalie for 3 years. Her collegiate hockey career led to Corinne being named to the Olympic Trial Team, and “Eagle of the Year” (2014), the College’s most prestigious distinction for high achievement in the classroom, the community and in sport. She earned a BA in Economics and an MBA at Boston College.

Brianna Foley


Brianna joined ClearEdge Partners in 2018 as an Analyst, and is focused on the network and transactional software market segments. She previously served as an analyst at Mercer, where she calculated and administered complex pension benefits and became her team’s SQL/VBA technology expert. Brianna earned BS degrees in Mathematics and Business at Bentley University.