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Adobe Supplier Briefing

May 5, 2020 Now Your Desk!

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Adobe is one of the most difficult vendors to negotiate with if you lack an organized approach, comprehensive strategy, and enough time to prepare viable deal options. This presentation highlights the most common challenges customers experience with Adobe and the tools they can use to combat them on their next deal. Using the tools discussed in this briefing will help customers garner the leverage they need to negotiate competitive deals against Adobe.

Key Highlights:

  • Updated case statistics and current event overview of Adobe
  • Detailed explanation of Adobe’s product portfolio and growth strategies
  • Best practices on setting up a well orchestrated deal timeline, assessing contract risk, and creating deal alternatives to combat Adobe’s sales tactics


Tanya Lutsyuk

Principal Analyst

Tanya brings over a decade of IT strategy and consulting expertise to the ClearEdge Client Engagement Team. Previously, she served as Project Manager at BBK Worldwide, where she ran the consultant services department and led the company’s first global research team dedicated to guiding Fortune 500 client business initiatives by providing market intelligence. As a Senior Analyst at ClearEdge, Tanya oversees the firm’s Enterprise Software Practice. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northeastern University, with a concentration in International Business and Marketing.

Lauren Savrin

Analyst II

Lauren came on board in 2017 and works as analyst in the software practice, with a focus on Adobe, Informatica and DocuSign. She also assists in running the recently launched ClearEdge Academy, which trains clients in vendor management and risk avoidance strategies. Prior to joining ClearEdge, Lauren analyzed data for RMV optimization in the Office of Performance Management and Innovation at MassDOT. She earned degrees in Math and French at Union College, and enjoys musical theater, reading and travel.