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Myth Busting

Seven Commonly Held Beliefs About

Software Audits

There are seven commonly-held beliefs about software audits. As a former auditor, I'm here to dispel them.

  1. We have never been audited before... we won't get audited now.
  2. Our supplier is our partner... they won't audit us.
  3. We have a SAM tool... so we have nothing to fear.
  4. We have a team, we won't have any issues.
  5. If we are out of compliance, it won't be held against us.
  6. Audits are an exact science... we'll owe what the data shows.
  7. Audits are fair and balanced.

    Tres Larsen, Audit Software Services


Tres has led hundreds of Software Asset Management (SAM) reviews and audits for Microsoft and other enterprise software vendors and helped dozens of enterprises design and implement effective SAM programs and navigate software audits. Tres established and led KPMG’s Microsoft software compliance program in the U.S., where he designed and developed the audit methodology and audit data collection tools. A frequent speaker at software industry events, he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Fraud Examiner
(CFE) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).