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Inspecting Contracts for Risk

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IT deal-makers face a challenging reality: Speed is often valued over cost while enabling massive transformations ( including digital and cloud) and balancing a flurry of mergers and acquisitions. In today’s fast-paced environment, pressure to complete deals quickly can undermine any future gains because of overlooked contractual language in IT agreements. Please join us to discuss where to find and how to mitigate these hidden time bombs – before they derail your organizational goals.

Session Highlights:

  • Framework for assessing risk in IT contracts
  • Real contractual issues highlighted from client agreements
  • Examples of the financial impact of unfavorable contractual language


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Katie Cibulka

Senior Project Manager

Katie came to ClearEdge in 2017 as a Senior Project Manager, in charge of our growing list of non-advisory projects, such as Change in Control projects and Maintenance Cost Reduction Programs.  She brings a background in Finance, Procurement and IT to the company, a skills combination that makes her a strong and creative problem-solver for our clients.  Katie previously worked at Dell Inc., formerly EMC Corp., on large-scale internal ERP projects, identifying areas for process improvement during implementations. She’s experienced at juggling several complex project timelines concurrently, and was an instrumental team member on the flagship ERP integration project during the largest technology merger on record. Katie enjoys fostering a process-oriented environment to improve efficiency and eliminate non-value-add activities. She earned a B.S. degree at Babson College.