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Deadly Audit Triggers

Top 5 "Gotchas!" in any IT Agreement

By Tanya Lutsyuk, Meghan Smith


Your suppliers have an array of tools and tactics to gain leverage and win revenue from you.  From Adobe to Zscaler and every supplier in between, sales teams and pricing tell only half the story in an IT deal.

We developed a series of inspection techniques that work for any IT deal. They focus on the five top areas where suppliers excel.  We provide examples from the field that highlight problem contract language and common purchase pitfalls, and discuss ways to achieve more strategic IT agreements.

    Tanya Lutsyuk, Principal Analyst

Tanya brings over a decade of IT strategy and consulting expertise to the ClearEdge Client Engagement Team. Previously, she served as Project Manager at BBK Worldwide, where she ran the consultant services department and led the company's first global research team dedicated to guiding Fortune 500 client business initiatives by providing market intelligence. As a Senior Analyst at ClearEdge, Tanya oversees the firm's Enterprise Software Practice. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northeastern University, with a concentration in International Business and Marketing.



    Meghan Smith, Analyst

Meghan came to ClearEdge in early 2016 to help clients improve their IT supplier contracts through research and analysis, focusing on the software market segment with a concentration on Workday, VMware, and Oracle. Meghan is a former top tennis college player who holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from Smith College and a M.S. in Geographic Information Systems from Salem State University.